The Art of Easter: Christ Pantocrator Icon, by Derek Rotty

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May 9, 2023
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Christ Pantocrator is in the public domain.

By Derek Rotty, Catholic Exchange, May 9, 2023

Derek Rotty is a husband, father, teacher, & free-lance writer who lives in Jackson, Tennessee. He has written extensively on Catholic history, culture, faith formation, & family. …

Viewing and pondering sacred art, engaging in vizio divina, offers the faithful a great way to meditate more deeply on the life of Jesus Christ and the mystery of salvation. This series of articles will highlight several pieces of art related to the glorious Easter season, with specific attention to Scripture readings. Each of these pieces of art allows us to reflect on the astonishing realities of the resurrected life.

Avatar photoDuring the Fifth & Sixth Sundays of Easter, the Church proclaims Gospel passages from Jesus’ Last Supper Discourse. In Year A, the Gospel passages for these two Sundays come from the fourteenth chapter of John’s Gospel. Some of the best-known axioms stated by Jesus Christ, as well as some of His most significant promises, appear in this chapter. In this discourse, Jesus shares with His apostles and disciples the contours of their sharing in the life of grace that would be available to them after the Resurrection.

In the Christian tradition, there is a dearth of art relating specifically to this discourse. Perhaps that fact is because of the mysterious and mystical nature of Jesus’ words recorded by St. John.  …

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