The Better-Off-Dead Mentality, by Michael Warsaw

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February 18, 2023
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February 18, 2023

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A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: Vermont is pushing to become the U.S.’ second destination state for ‘death tourism’ as legislators seek to legalize assisted suicide for nonresidents.

By Michael Warsaw, EWTN News, February 17, 2023

Michael Warsaw Michael Warsaw is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the EWTN Global Catholic Network, and the Publisher of the National Catholic Register.


Michael WarsawLegislators in Vermont are pushing for their state to join Oregon as the nation’s second “sanctuary” state for assisted suicide. The proposed legislation would allow people from states where this life-ending practice remains illegal to travel to Vermont to kill themselves with the assistance of local medical personnel.

The premises underlying the bid to make Vermont the second destination state for “death tourism” are profoundly disturbing. For one thing, the idea that a state can be a “sanctuary” for assisted suicide implies that some measure of “holiness” is attached to killing people off medically — a belief that is becoming prevalent among euthanasia and assisted-suicide proponents, as New York Times Catholic commentator Ross Douthat recently noted. …

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