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March 27, 2023
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By Sandro Magister, L’Expresso, Settimo Cielo, March 26, 2023

The clash for and against the blessing of same-sex couples is providing public opinion with an image of the Church entirely mapped out according to the equally conflictual one of secular society.

There are the German and Belgian bishops who approve and practice it. There are a few cardinals, like Gerhard Müller, he too a German, who for this reason brand them as heretics and want them to be subjected to canonical trial. There is another cardinal, Jean-Claude Hollerich, a Luxemburger and a Jesuit, who is instead pushing for an even more general “paradigm shift” in the Church’s praxis and doctrine on matters of sexuality. There is the Holy See, which forbids the blessing of couples, and forbids it with the written “assent” of the pope. But there is Francis, who right after giving this assent takes it back, promotes Hollerich to the top spot of the world synod underway, and thanks him for the great work he is doing, but also says he is unhappy with the German synod because it too is “led by an elite” instead of by the good people. And in any case, he lets the innovating bishops do what they want, as one of them, the Belgian Johan Bonny, enthusiastically recounted to his colleagues at the synod of Germany: that is, that the pope himself, meeting with the bishops of Belgium on their “ad limina” visit, encouraged them to go ahead with their blessings. …

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