The Cancel Culture Double Standard, by David Harsanyi

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February 4, 2022
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February 4, 2022

By David Harsanyi, Patriot Post, Feb. 4, 2022

You can only expect people to live under two sets of rules and standards for so long.

Whoopi Goldberg, suspended for two weeks by ABC for her comments about the Holocaust, had an opinion. She, like many people these days, is unable to properly contextualize history or see it outside her own contemporary leftist worldview. But Goldberg is a talk show host with no power. No one is really “hurt” by her words. She should be able to express herself without fear of losing her job. As should Joe Rogan and Ilya Shapiro.

That said, the slap on the wrist, probably intended to keep Goldberg out of the public eye to weather the storm, is also performative. No one really believes Goldberg’s career is in danger.  …

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