The Cancel Culture is Ruthless, by Michael Brown

Vatican Weighs In on USA’s Civil Unrest, by William Mahoney
June 6, 2020
Bishop Joseph Strickland: The Right To Religious Freedom Should Inform Our Voting
June 6, 2020

Twitter video screenshot/drewbrees

Drew Brees apologizes in an Instagram video for the hurt caused by his statements.

By Michael Brown, The Stream, June 5, 2020

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Michael BrownIt can happen in a moment of time. One ill-advised tweet. One poorly worded post. One foolish act in public. And that’s it. You are branded. You are marked. You are guilty. For life.

Whatever good you’ve done in the past is forgotten, cancelled. However deep and sincere your apology, it will never be enough. You must carry the shame for the rest of your days. Away with you!

One Wrong Move Left Adam Smith Unable to Find Work

Ben Howe, author of The Immoral Majority, recounts with horror how he helped spread the video posted by a 37-year-old man named Adam Smith. Smith thought he was doing a good thing by berating a Chick-fil-A worker about her allegedly hateful company, and he proudly posted the video of the encounter.

Howe writes, “I didn’t spearhead the charge, but I was one member of a growing Twitter mob. The hunt began immediately. …

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