The Case Against Contraception, by Thomas Griffin

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August 5, 2022
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August 5, 2022


By Thomas Griffin, Crisis Magazine, Aug. 5, 2022

Thomas Griffin teaches apologetics in the religion department at a Catholic high school on Long Island. Read more at


In 2017, the CDC reported that roughly 65 percent of women in America between the ages of 15-49 were taking some form of birth control.

The Guttmacher Institute notes that the average number of children that most American adults would like to have is 2.7. “To achieve this family size,” the institute continues, “a sexually active woman must use contraceptives for roughly three decades.” 

Guttmacher states that 88 percent of women who were not seeking a pregnancy but who were sexually active were using a contraceptive method; in addition, 99 percent of women who claimed to be religious had used contraception in the past (including mainline Catholics and Protestants). …

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