The Catechetical Saints, by T.J. Burdick

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March 13, 2023
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March 13, 2023

By T.J. Burdick, Catholic Exchange, March 13, 2023

T.J. Burdick the author of several books and articles on the Catholic faith. He writes and speaks on how to grow in holiness amongst the distractions and difficulties of the current age. …

In a few week’s time, the season of Easter will be upon us. With it comes the many celebrations of Sacrament-receivers. Whether they be the newly baptized at the Easter Vigil, the recently confirmed at the Cathedral, the first-time receivers of Holy Communion, partners becoming one in Holy Matrimony, or Priests receiving Holy Orders, behind all of those called by God’s grace, there’s a catechist who bridges these souls to their Creator.

In the rich history of our Church, there have been numerous catechists, too many to count, guiding the Church toward more perfect union with God. Some have taught us how to sacrifice ourselves as martyrs, others how to contemplate His glory as religious, and still others have unlocked our minds to the greatness of His mercy through academia, vocational work, and the simplicity of friendship. …

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