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November 1, 2019
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By Michael Warren Davis, Daily Caller, October 28, 2019


Michael Warren Davis is the editor in chief of Crisis Magazine.

One of the Catholic Church’s great virtues is that she’s always gloriously out of step with modern fashion. Usually she’s a few centuries ahead of the curve: Pope Paul III forbade Spanish and Portuguese colonists from enslaving the indigenous peoples of South America way back in 1537.

Pope Francis, however, tends to go the other way. He adopts all sorts of fashionable causes, but only once they’ve gone out of fashion.

For instance, I wasn’t fully sentient when “Save the Rainforest” was the cause du jour. If my knowledge of “South Park” serves me, that fad peaked in 1999. Yet the Vatican is only just now getting around to holding a Synod on the Amazon, which concluded Oct. 27.

Indeed, the instrumentum laboris (or working document) was full of references to the “Amazonian cosmovision” and “faith in the God Father-Mother Creator.” It would delight the sort of spiritual-not-religious yummy mummies who spend their early afternoons wearing yoga pants and drinking chardonnay. After all, it was they who wanted so badly to save the rainforest, before it became more urgent to save the whales, and then Tibet, and then the ice caps, and then the whales again. Alas for the Holy Father, I think most of them have now moved on to bigger and better causes, like forcing nuns to buy condoms.