The Costs of Catholic Silence as the World Looks for Answers, by Robert Morrison

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August 19, 2022
Yes, Liz Cheney, Truth Does Matter, by Sean Fitzpatrick
August 19, 2022

By Robert Morrison, Columnist, The Remnant, August 17, 2022

As Michael Matt highlighted in a recent Remnant Underground, some of the most persuasive thinkers in the secular world (most notably, Tucker Carlson) have started to describe today’s mounting worldwide crisis in terms of a spiritual battle. Such realizations of themselves do not necessarily lead souls to the truth, but they provide opportunities for Catholics to help more people see that the only path out of this crisis is to embrace the immutable Catholic Faith.

Any such efforts to lead souls to the Catholic Church must overcome the fact that most people see Catholicism as the religion represented by Pope Francis, which is arguably contributing more to the Great Reset and corruption of morals than any other religion in the world today. God can certainly work miracles with conversions if He so chooses, but as a general matter no reasonable person will consider that the Church ostensibly led by Bergoglio is the guardian of the true religion absent some reasonable explanation. …

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