The Covington Kids’ Revenge, One Year Later, by Peter Van Buren

Mary is the Antidote to Our Anti-Life Culture, by Ava Lalor
January 20, 2020
Fr. Mark Goring, CC: A Sign of the Reality of Hell (Watch Video)
January 20, 2020

The mob did not get away with defaming Nick Sandmann. In fact, people victimized by the media’s new normal are now fighting back.

Almost to the day CNN paid out a notable cash settlement to Nick Sandmann, the Covington High School kid it defamed as a racist pup for grinning at a Native American whilst supporting President Trump, the network was one of a gaggle of MSM outlets out to spin the killing of an Iranian general—into another Orange Man Bad. As with Sandmann, the facts never support the heavy metal screeching, but the facts also matter little. The anti-Trump agenda rules no matter the price.

You remember about a year ago, when Sandmann and his Catholic school classmates traveled to Washington, D.C., to join the annual March for Life rally on Capitol Hill. Sandmann was photographed smiling at a Native American. With one mighty flatulent blast, outlets like CNN imagined Sandmann, wearing his MAGA cap, as the distillation of everything evil, some redneck from Kentucky a-protestin’ them abortions and rubbing his smug grin in the face of a noble Native American supposedly trying to defuse a tense situation. The Native American was also quickly (but wrongly) glorified as a Vietnam vet.  ….

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