Commentary: The Cult of Softness: We Forgot God

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April 20, 2018
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April 21, 2018

By Ted Flynn, 

The last several generations have produced profound sociological, financial, political, and religious changes in America. Societies and cultures evolve into what they become for many reasons. But, the facts remain that the United States of America today is not what previous generations were for just about any social index you choose.

Social scientists analyze these phenomena in all the classrooms of the U.S on a daily basis. Socrates taught that every generation thought that those coming up after them are on their way to hell due to lax moral standards. Parents today can surely identify with that statement as they look at the state of their kids schools and neighborhoods.

So, the questions would be asked, “Is the present generation different than previous ones?” I think the honest answer is yes and no depending on the index. Did the parents of the depression era think their kids had become soft due to an easy lifestyle in the new USA after victory in World War II? With two chickens in every pot, a new Chevy in the driveway, and with good free public education, we were lulled into apostasy. As children of immigrants, life became a little easier due to the unrivaled dominance of America. Then their kids ended up on a farm in upstate New York at a music festival called Woodstock with free pot on every blanket. The sexual revolution and all that came with it in the late 60’s was taking root, which altered life in America forever.

The greatest generation that won World War II had largely seen economic austerity because their parents were depression era citizens that knew hardship. They had seen gruesome death during the war where an estimated 60 million died in all theaters. Once home, they wanted a better way to live. World War II was won by America because their parents instilled in them a toughness of what life was really about. The men and women of America at this point were a rugged lot and little nonsense was tolerated in the home.

Upon return home after WW II, they wanted an education for their children and they made that a primary goal to elevate family stature. During that process, so little Johnny and Mary could get an education, they often forgot that it was faith that made their parents fight for freedom, democracy, and the ideal of a republic. Over time, much of this generation abandoned the faith they were taught. Life had now become easy and they required less of their children.

The Greatest Generation made the mistake of placing education over faith. Education was the new god, and in many respects it was understandable. Grades were now more important than the confessional, and formation in the faith had often become a ritualistic formality.

The ebbs and flows of culture are constant with the rise and fall of civilizations. One could look at the previous twenty-one great empires in world history, and they will find many similarities to America today. In 1922, several years after the Bolshevik Revolution, the babushka on the street was asked how it all happened? Her three- word response was accurate when she said, “We forgot God.” Here is when the greatness of a civilization ends. Forgetting God is the common denominator in the failure of a people, because Scripture is clear that it is the Lord who raises a nation up due to fidelity to Him, and it collapses due to sin against Him. To a humanist void of Scriptural knowledge, it is an absurd thought as they merely look at a cycle of history and not the root cause. It is the Lord who raises a nation up, and the sin of its people that brings a nation to its knees. It is the Lord alone who puts up a protective hedge around His faithful people and blesses them.

When we see “safe spaces” now in schools for students to retreat to rather than listen to opinions other than their own, we know we are in a new place. The slogan Hate Has No Home Here is another way of saying, “I want an ungodly agenda and don’t bring any thought other than my own into my space. Stay away from me if you disagree with my diversity opinions.” It is a political statement that includes a liberal platform.

After the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency, schools all over America created safe environments for students. Cornell University passed out large three- inch metal diaper pins (few use them anymore) so students who came unglued with the trauma of it all could wear them outside their clothing for all to know they were to be left alone due to the election outcome. Stanford had a room where students could pet puppies — and on it went throughout the land. Mind you, these schools including all fees are over $60,000 a year to attend. All so their children can get a financial edge in life over other kids, and possibly the cost of their soul.

Many do not understand the word “sacrifice” or an absolute standard of truth. The youth generally lack a basic understanding of theology, philosophy, or history. Revisionist history is the norm in many school districts. Many kids today have a disdain for the military and lack an awareness of the cost of freedoms their grandparents fought for that enable them to protest their views.

Most in the past lived simply and ascetically out of necessity, as this group today want their creature comforts met now. Mostly out of a false utopian ideal, they lack an understanding of human nature and all of the horror a heart that is not circumcised by the Holy Spirit is capable of in life. History has shown bad economics can make a brute out of the best of people. Jesus was clear when he said you will find your life when you lose it for others. “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear fruit.” Love thy neighbor as thyself was another admonition. True joy and peace of soul is only attained when serving others. This is in stark contrast to the “#MeToo movement marching in the streets exemplifies the “self” mentality.

Some are enslaved by their own ego and ignore the reality of the suffering due to the consequences of Original Sin. The soft cult of “snowflakes” are largely void of personal responsibility and do not recognize the fallen state of man is the root cause of violence in the world. Only a personal encounter with Christ will alter a new outcome, presenting structures of higher Godly moral values. Through a steady brainwashing they have been groomed, day in and day out the supremacy of the state matters most, and a humanistic doctrine is the best way to live. However, when God is removed from the culture, anything goes.

What makes this present time and generation somewhat unique is the hatred and distrust in God. Previous generations never had the ubiquitous tools for knowledge at their disposal as people do today. Previously, they often acted out of a lack of catechesis. This generation is outright rejecting and hating God, not wanting anything to do with Him. They are looking for answers everyplace but God’s precepts and statutes. The founding fathers were clear in all of their writings that a democracy can only work when there is a Christian belief system. As a result of this disintegration, we are rapidly descending into chaos.

When you have the head of theology at Holy Cross College (Jesuit) in Massachusetts saying Jesus was a drag queen and queer, we have reached a new level. This is all coming with the tacit endorsement of the college administration! And people are paying for this education? Saying this is education? If your kids go to a Catholic college with the initials SJ after the school, there is a good chance the religious instruction at that school is morally offensive.

We have arrived at a new place in America, and the country of old is getting harder to recognize.

Jesus, I Trust In You.