The Democrats are Certain They Will Never be Held Accountable for the Trump Indictments and Biden Cover-Up, by Steve McCann

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August 16, 2023
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August 16, 2023

By Steve McCann, American Thinker, Aug. 16, 2023

Never in the 235 years since the ratification of the Constitution has an administration premeditatively and blatantly prosecuted, on specious and conjecturable charges, the titular leader of the opposition party and leading candidate for president.  And doing so while overtly flaunting their egregious actions to protect and cover-up for the incumbent president who has been exposed as potentially complicit in massive bribery and fraud.   In any previous election cycle, these overt and unabashed actions would have been the death knell for the incumbent president’s campaign and his party.

Yet the Democrats are blatantly unconcerned, supremely confident that they will prevail in 2024 regardless of who they nominate.  What underlies this inordinate arrogance?

  • Is it because they know their alliance with the deep state, the legacy media, and social media allows them to use, without consequence, any unethical or border-line illegal means to destroy and hamstring Donald Trump or any Republican nominee as well as protect their candidates and officeholders? ….

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