The Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana Prepares for Fete Dieu du Vermilion

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August 15, 2018
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By Lora Lavigne, KLF,  Aug 14, 2018

ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLF) – The Diocese of Lafayette is celebrating its Centennial with Fete Dieu Du Vermilion Wednesday, August 15th.

There are 121 flags being prepared at the Community of Jesus Crucified. They represent the parishes of Diocese in Acadiana who is now celebrating its 100th year.

“That’s where love takes place is at these churches where Jesus is present. So, it’s really like carrying all these churches with us down the bayou,” said Sister Jeanne D-Arc, sister servant of the Community of Jesus Crucified.

This year the Diocese of Lafayette’s boat procession will be along the Vermilion River on the Feast of Assumption. It will begin at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church with mass. Bishop Glen Provost of the Lake Charles Diocese will preside and give the homily. At the end of Mass, there will be a procession from the Church with the Blessed Sacrament and a statue of Mary across the drawbridge to Riverfront Restaurant.

The 25-mile run will make its way up the Bayou Vermilion to Lafayette. Stops are scheduled for the recitation of the Rosary and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Father Michael Champagne described the importance of celebrating time.

“Obviously we want to manifest our faith. We don’t want to just live our lives privately. Faith is what forms culture and here in Acadiana our great culture is so impacted by the Catholic Faith. So, by having processions as we’re doing tomorrow we’re going to be able to manifest the Catholic faith and thank God for him being with us all these years,” said Father Champagne.

The celebration begins at 8 a.m. and the boats depart at 10 a.m. at the Boat Landing in Abbeville.

The boat procession will stop in Milton at Wawee’s at 11:35 am for the recitation of the Rosary and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The flotilla will re-commence at 12:35 pm and continue upstream, arriving at Ruffino’s in River Ranch at 1:40 pm for Rosary and Benediction. The boat procession will embark once again at 2:40 pm and arrive at Beaver Park at about 3:20 pm.

Following the boat procession, will be the “100-Year-Walk.” Participants are asked to gather at Vermilionville at 3 p.m.