LifeSiteNews: The Final Confrontation: Examining the End Times Through the Lens of Fatima and Benedict XVI

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September 12, 2022
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Relying on the eschatological worldview of fourth century theologian Tyconius, Pope Benedict XVI appears to indicate that the Third Secret of Fatima plays a crucial role in the end times.

This article was originally published on Marco Tosatti’s blog, Stilum Curiae

(LifeSiteNews) – It is no easy task to understand the present crisis of evil within the Church, which at times may seem overwhelming.

Benedict XVI has indicated that the theology of Tyconius can assist the Church in understanding how to expose, and ultimately defeat, the evil of “false brethren” who lie hidden within her. Tyconius’ insights overlap in various ways with the message of Fatima. If we consider Benedict’s comments about Fatima in light of the Tyconian theology of the end times, we are offered a unique perspective on the nature of the Church and the antichurch during their final confrontation.

‘The bishops do, under the guise of a gift of the church, what advances the will of the devil.’

– Tyconius, ‘Commentary on the Apocalypse,’ fourth century

‘[T]he Antichrist belongs to the Church, grows in it and with it until the great discessio, which initiates the final revelation.’

– Joseph Ratzinger, ‘Observations on Tyconius’ Concept of the Church,’ 1956  ….

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