The German Bishops Lead the Way—Out the Church Door, by Phil Lawler

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June 30, 2022
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June 30, 2022

By Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture, June 28, 2022

Phil Lawler has been a Catholic journalist for more than 30 years. He has edited several Catholic magazines and written eight books. …


Undeterred by their own manifest pastoral failure, the Catholic bishops of Germany persist in their confidence that they know how to lead the universal Church to a brighter future—down their “Synodal Path.”

Even after years of steady decline, the latest statistics from Germany are shocking:

  • Nearly 360,000 German Catholics renounced their faith last year;

  • More than 2 million people have left the German Catholic Church in the past decade; and

  • The number of German Catholics regularly attending Mass is less than half the number of those who have left since 2012 ….