The History of Corpus Christi: Rekindling Eucharistic Joy, by Mary Beth Bracy

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June 18, 2022
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June 18, 2022

Image: St. Thérèse of Lisieux venerates the Blessed Sacrament

By Mary Beth Bracy, Catholic Exchange, June 16, 2022

Mary Beth Bracy is a writer who is blessed to research, publish, and speak extensively on various aspects of Catholic spirituality. Her books include Behold the LambBread of Life and The Little Way of Healing Love Through the Passion of Jesus: The Stations of the Cross with St. Thérèse of Lisieux. …

In 1993, when I was sixteen, I attended World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado. One day my group attended a Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration with exposition led by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR. Although I was raised Catholic, always attended weekend Mass and had begun attending daily Mass, this was the first time I recall making a Holy Hour. As Fr. Groeschel was talking, the realization of Our Lord’s Presence in the Holy Eucharist struck me in a new and profound way. I remember thinking: “If Jesus loves me so much that He would hide under the appearance of bread for love of me, then I want to give my life for Jesus too.” …

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