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The ‘Crowned St. Joseph’ painting is present in the Basilica of San Carlo al Corso in Rome. The Church’s special Year of St. Joseph is underway. (photo: Bree Dail photo)

By Bree A. Dail, EWTN News, February 14, 2021

Bree A. Dail Bree Dail (Twitter: @breeadail) is a veteran Naval Surface Warfare Officer, and holds a Masters of Diplomacy from Norwich University and a BA from Christendom College. …

How Marian Father Donald Calloway got an important letter to Pope Francis.


Bree A. DailVATICAN CITY— When Pope Francis declared a Year of St. Joseph, news of the declaration quickly spread. How this year may have been inspired is, perhaps, less well known.

Marian Father Donald Calloway, author of Consecration to St. Joseph, told the Register in a series of interviews that although he heard the news with gratitude and awe, he was keenly aware of details that may have led to this historic declaration.

Father Calloway revealed details of a letter that he had sent in May 2019 — hand-delivered by Bishop Héctor Zordán of Gualeguaychú, Argentina — to Pope Francis, requesting that such a year be dedicated to St. Joseph for the universal Church. Previous to this letter, Father Calloway explained, another earlier request to the Apostolic Penitentiary had been granted: that those taking part in consecration to St. Joseph would be granted plenary indulgences for their pious participation. ….

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