The Insanity of the Elites, by Charles Coulombe

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February 18, 2020
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February 18, 2020

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By Charles Coulombe, Crisis Magazine, February 18, 2020

Charles A. Coulombe is a contributing editor at Crisis and the magazine’s European correspondent. He previously served as a columnist for the Catholic Herald of London and a film critic for the National Catholic Register. A celebrated historian, his books include Puritan’s Empire and Star-Spangled Crown. He resides in Vienna, Austria and Los Angeles, California.

Charles CoulombeRegardless of what form a state may have, it shall always have its ruling minority and its ruled majority. This reality is somewhat camouflaged in Western countries by what is called “democracy.” Hard to define at best, it certainly functions fairly well the more closely those who wield power are connected both to the interests and worries of the majority of their subjects and to objective reality. (To be fair, those two elusive targets are not always the same.) But the further removed the elite are from either or both, the more grotesque the situation becomes. That we are enveloped at the moment by grotesquerie has been underscored in the past two weeks by four incidents in France, Great Britain, these United States, and Germany—a veritable Foreign Legion of elite insanity.

The first example took place at Paris’s Élysée Palace, official residence of France’s president Emmanuel Macron. On Sunday, January 26, Macron hosted a group of children’s rights activists who are concerned over the ramifications of a government-sponsored bioethics bill. In response to a question from the leader of one such Catholic organization, Macron declared, “Your problem is that you believe that a father is necessarily a male.” I would invite you to reread that sentence.  The idea that a man in his position could utter such a sentence tells us much; it also explains the ongoing anger of France’s gilets jaunes.  ….

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