The Intercession of Saint Michael in Christian History, By Adam Blai

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September 28, 2021
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By Adam Blai, Catholic Exchange, Sept. 27, 2021

Adam Blai, a layman, is a peritus (Church-decreed expert) in religious demonology and exorcism for the Diocese of Pittsburgh. He has also served as an expert in these areas in training priests, deacons, and laity in many other dioceses.  ..

St. Michael’s Holy Cave

There is a large limestone cave in Gargano, Italy, that was a site of pagan worship in Greek and Roman times. The story of how the cave was transformed into a church dedicated to St. Michael is partially told in a collection of stories called the Liber de apparitione Sancti Michaelis in Monte Gargano, which first appeared in the ninth century. It is also recorded in the Acta Sanctorum by the Bollandists, a Jesuit organization that has studied the lives of the saints since the mid-1600s. Additionally, in the Middle Ages, a very popular collection of stories about many saints, called The Golden Legend, was written. It included the stories about Michael from Gargano as well as his appearances in other places. …

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