‘The Jeweler’s Shop’ — Karol Wojtyła’s Meditation on Love, by Monika Jablonska

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A couple sits together in front of a statue of Pope St. John Paul II at Maria Auxiliadora church in Monterrey, Mexico, on Jan. 18, 2020 — their 50th wedding anniversary. (photo: Monica Garza 73 / Shutterstock.com)

“Man is freed,” wrote the future Pope St. John Paul II, “only through the experience of love.”

By Monika Jablonska, EWTN News, Blog, March 2, 2021

Monika Jablonska Monika Jablonska is a consultant with expertise in international business transactions and NGOs, lawyer and philanthropist. Currently, Ms. Jablonska is working on her Ph.D thesis in political science.  …

Love is not an adventure. It has the taste of the whole man.
It has his weight. And the weight of his whole fate.
It cannot be a single moment.
Man’s eternity passes through it.
 —The Jeweler’s Shop, Karol Wojtyła

Monika JablonskaThe greatest of Karol Wojtyła’s poetic works, The Jeweler’s Shop (1960)is “a meditation on one of the most dramatic aspects of human existence, expressed in love and marriage.”

The author explains: “The divergence between what lies on the surface and the mystery of love constitutes precisely the source of the drama. It is one of the greatest dramas of human existence. The surface of love has its current — swift, flickering, changeable. A kaleidoscope of waves and situation full of attraction. This current is sometimes so stunning that it carries people away — women and men. They get carried away by the thought that they have absorbed the whole secret of love, but in fact they have not yet even touched it.” …