The Liturgical Year Reminds Us of What is Truly Important, by Louise Merrie

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By Louise Merrie, Catholic Exchange, Feb. 26, 2021

Louise Merrie is a freelance writer on Catholic subjects. Her articles have been published in Catholic Life, Novena Magazine, and the Saint Austin Review. ..

It is now the season of Lent: a season of starting over, or spiritual renewal, and of preparation for Easter. As Catholics, our lives follow the liturgical year: the Church’s calendar of seasons and holy days.

The liturgical year reminds us of what is truly important. Sundays remind us that our first duty is to worship God and the greatest form of worship is the Mass. The seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, the Sacred Paschal Tridium, and Easter remind us of Jesus’ Incarnation, death, and Resurrection and His great love for us. The days that honor Mary remind us that she is our mother in our life of faith. The days that honor the saints remind us that we, too, are called to be saints. The days that honor the angels (the memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels and the feast of the Archangels) remind us that there are angels appointed by God to protect us and help us in our journey to Heaven. …