The Making of Social Political Zombies, by Dr. Pedro Blas González 

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July 11, 2022
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July 11, 2022

By Dr. Pedro Blas González, America Out Loud, July 10, 2022

Pedro Blas González is Professor of Philosophy at Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida.  …


Dr. Pedro Blas GonzálezThe Disintegration of American Society and Democracy

Dating to the presidential election of 2008, censorship, intimidation, and violence against people who leftism considers enemies, have all been normalized. 

Social political violence is now accepted by younger generations as a desirable vehicle to punish a social political philosophy that promotes and supports liberty, personal responsibility, law and order, and most importantly, a stable society that is managed by a productive citizenry.

The core of nihilism bespeaks of spite against nobility of spirit. …