The Many and the One, by Robert Royal

Iran’s Ayatollah Responds to Trump: ‘Like Hell You Will’, by Patrick Goodenough
January 2, 2020
Chuck Todd Attacks Trump Supporters Who Believe Bible, by Michael Patrick Leahy
January 2, 2020

By Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing, Jan. 1, 2019

God may be a God of surprises, as the pope likes say; but human beings are surprising too, in ways not as good. So the plot thickens and stretches beyond our reckoning.

Still, some broad lines suggest themselves. There is the presidential election, consequential in itself, but really a proxy for a bigger, one might say epochal struggle in both the world and the Church, over which is more universal: particulars, like faith in Jesus Christ, or the emerging movement to establish a new global “humanism.”

About this, as so much else, Pope Francis is clearly unclear. Are Jesus and His teachings enough? Or in need of postmodern supplements? In May 2020, for example, he will host leaders from various religions in search of an “educational alliance” to create a “new humanism,” “promote and implement . . . the forward-looking initiatives that give direction to history.”  ….

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