The NFP Mindset, by Michael Johnston

Misinformation Superspreaders, by Kristine Christlieb
July 28, 2021
How the Left Has Used COVID-19 to Bankrupt the United States, by Stephen Moore
July 28, 2021

By Michael Johnston, Catholic East Texas,

Everything has to make sense. Everything must fit in its proper place. This has gotten me into some trouble and oftentimes I take more time to do even simple things than is strictly necessary. Simple questions become large, time consuming monsters. Do I want to have fruit trees on my property? I have to exhaust every possible combination so that it works out just right. Do I want to teach a class? I have to know every possible answer to all the questions that will inevitably arise. Does my wife appreciate that I may have spent 67 hours researching fruit trees? Probably not.

But when it all works out and when a plan comes together I can take a seat and safely say, in the words of John (Hannibal) Smith, that “I love it”. There is a harmony or beauty in that. The same is true of concepts or philosophies which fit into a larger whole—as a key in a lock or a puzzle piece bringing more clarity to a grand picture. This is one of the pleasures of being Christian generally and Catholic specifically: many people have done a lot of thinking about it for a long time and the parts fit together. …

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