The Nuclear Family Is Indispensable, by Scott L. Buchanan

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June 5, 2020
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By Scott L. Buchanan, Public Discourse, June 4, 2020

Scott Buchanan is a qualified social worker who currently practices in the public mental health sector. Scott also holds a BA in International Relations (Hons.) from the University of Melbourne, and is presently completing a Masters of Divinity at Ridley Theological College, Melb… READ MORE

Advocates for family fluidity routinely level two claims against the nuclear family: first, that it is a mere “blip” on the historical map, and second, that it is largely unconnected to the well-being of individuals (especially children). In both instances the goal is to diminish its significance as a valuable form of kinship structure. For all their popularity, however, neither assumption withstands scrutiny.

That the nuclear or “traditional” family has rapidly unraveled in most of the Western world is hardly news. The ongoing demise of this particular type of kinship—composed of faithfully married men and women, along with the children they produce—is now so common that the persistence of intact family life often elicits surprise. Moreover, some see its splintering into a variety of blended and artificial combinations as more than an unremarkable feature of modern life—they see it as a virtuous expression of individual autonomy.  …

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