The Pachamama Rohrs, by Dr. Douglas Farrow

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November 20, 2019
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Environmentalism and a new theology that liberates us from traditional Christian scruples about sex while restoring pagan scruples about transgressing against Mother Nature?

Dr. Douglas Farrow, Catholic World Report, November 17, 2019

Douglas Farrow is Professor of Theology and Christian Thought at McGill University, and the author, most recently, of Theological Negotiations: Proposals in Soteriology and Anthropology (Baker Academic, 2018).

“How far back and forward in time does the Christ figure extend, and who exactly is Christ?” These questions were posed by Richard Rohr in an interview with Rich Heffern of the National Catholic Reporter published on December 11, 2009. A decade later, in his best-seller The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, and Believe (Centre for Action and Contemplation, 2019), Rohr is still flogging the same heretical answers he gave there:

The Gospels are about the historical Jesus. Paul, however, whose writings make up a third of the New Testament, never talks about that Jesus. He is talking about the Christ. Jesus is the microcosm; Christ is the macrocosm. There is a movement between the two that we ourselves have to imitate in our life and walk, the resurrection journey.

Now, dividing Jesus from the Christ is the oldest gnostic trick in the book. It belongs to a whole bag of tricks, including the division of the New Testament from the Old, the God of Jesus from the God of Moses, redemption from creation, resurrection of soul from resurrection of body – setting the former, in each case, against the latter. That sort of thing was exposed and overthrown long ago by St. Irenaeus in his foundational work of theology, Against the Heresies. ….