The Pro-Antifa, Anti-Catholic International Criminal Court (ICC), by Mary Jo Anderson

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June 30, 2020
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June 30, 2020

Image: The flag of the International Criminal Court (Wikimedia Commons) 

By Mary Jo Anderson, Crisis Magazine, June 30, 2020

Mary Jo Anderson is a Catholic journalist and public speaker. She is a board member of Women for Faith and Family and has served on the Legatus Board of Directors. With co-author Robin Bernhoft, she wrote Male and Female He Made Them: Questions and Answers about Marriage and Same-Sex Unions (Catholic Answers Press, 2005).


Mary Jo AndersonPresident Trump issued an executive order on Friday, June 12, to block the visas and property of some International Criminal Court personnel. Within hours a mushroom cloud of denouncements by Blue-Checks loomed over social media. “More U.S. thuggery.” “The U.S. Rogue Regime continues.” The Court is “blackmailed by lawless gang posing as diplomats.” The International Criminal Court (ICC) complained that the Executive Order is “an unacceptable attempt to interfere with the rule of law.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promptly responded: “We will not stand idly by if the International Criminal Court follows through with its ideological crusade against American service members.”

At immediate issue in the president’s executive order is a revived 2017 ICC attempt to formally investigate alleged war crimes in Afghanistan during 2003–2004.  …

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