The Pursuit of Holiness is the Pursuit of Wholeness — So What Are We Missing? by Jim Schroeder

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June 4, 2021
Contra Ambiguity: Francis, Biden, and the US Bishops
June 5, 2021

John Everett Millais, “Christ in the House of His Parents,” ca. 1850 (photo: Public Domain)

COMMENTARY: While the current issues in the news are important to the faithful, there are a thousand implicit Catholic realities that barely ever see the light of a newsletter or a homily.

By Jim Schroeder, EWTN News, June 2, 2021

Jim SchroederRecently, my wife and I received the Office of Family and Life e-newsletter through our local diocese. As often is the case, it is full of interesting articles, resources and notifications of upcoming events.

In this particular edition, there were multiple pieces about creating a foster care network, a notification about an upcoming NFP presentation and marriage prep event, an announcement for a Heroic Discipleship Summit and several pro-life features about post-abortion counseling and nationwide legislation updates. Information about Religious Freedom Week was also included. As always, there was a smattering of various matters that intersect with the Catholic Church. …