The Religious Persecution & Purging of Our Troops Threatens America’s National Security, by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

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By Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet, America Out Loud, July 17, 2022

Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD is President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity ( advocating for early COVID home-based treatment, vaccine risks updates, and medical freedom. …

DrLee4AmericaAmerica simply cannot afford the continued purging of some of our most highly trained and experienced military, all because of a highly politicized agenda to continue to force the unlawful orders to take an experimental COVID shot and to endure repeated testing with experimental (EUA) testing procedures that are unreliable and carry other risks as well.

DrLee4America interviews Marine Lance Corporal Catherine Marie Arnett and Army First Lt. Mark Bashaw about the continuing persecution of service members of faith across all branches of the US Military, and the devastating toll this is taking on individual service member’s lives and careers, their families, and on morale, retention and recruiting in our volunteer US Military. …