The Remedy for “Canceling” and Division: Catholic Education, by Daniel Guernsey

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May 19, 2021
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May 19, 2021

*Image: Christ Blessing the Children by Nicolaes Maes, 1652-3 [National Gallery, London]

By Daniel Guernsey,  The Catholic Thing, May 19, 2021

Dr. Daniel Guernsey, a new contributor to The Catholic Thing, is a senior fellow at The Cardinal Newman Society and principal of a K-12 Catholic school in Ave Maria, Fla.

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Daniel GuernseyIn the present moment, much of the popular culture is taken up with concerns about race, gender, and equity. But these questions are unfortunately complicated by radical ideologies and an intolerant “cancel culture,” a type of religion that separates the woke from the un-woke, the privileged from the oppressed.

The cancel culture surrounds us and now threatens to infect Catholic schools, colleges, and homeschooling. But we should not yield to it.

Authentic Catholic education does not cancel culture; it elevates, redeems, and transmits culture. It seeks out and celebrates truth, beauty, and goodness, wherever they are found – and if they are missing, Catholic education points that out as well. The transcendentals are not bound by culture, time, race, or gender. They do not flourish equally at all times, among all members of all cultures, but can always be celebrated in God’s Creation and the best human works.

The Catholic pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness and the Catholic understanding of human dignity and the common good provide a framework for dealing with perennial challenges facing humanity, including the current cultural crises concerning race and gender.

Catholic education serves the common good. …