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*Image: The Missionary’s Adventures by Jehan-Georges Vibert, c. 1883 [The Met, New York]

By Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing, October 7, 2019

Note: I am in Rome following the Synod on the Amazon and will be posting regular commentaries on that event in a special section that you can access in coming days by checking this space. The regular columns will continue to appear below. – RR

Pope Francis is fond of saying that “synod” means “walking together.” In the right circumstances, it might mean that (though usually it just means a “meeting”). In the wrong circumstances, it can take on the less happy meanings of the original Greek synodos – like the “meeting” that happens when two parties face each other in a courtroom – or two armies clash.

That troubling meaning of “synod” has been quite evident in past weeks. Before the Amazon Synod even started – the bishops, vested in green, joined the pope for Mass at St. Peter’s yesterday and begin their work today – there was a swirl of passionate claims and counterclaims, the likes of which have probably never been seen in Rome at this kind of an event.

Quite a few Catholics have been appalled at the synod’s strange mixture of changes to the priesthood and roles of women with ecological concerns – and openings to pagan superstitions. And rightly so.   …