The Ruth Institute: Pride: The Root of Sexual Abuse

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The Ruth Institute, The Stream, May 2, 2023

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Faith Hakesley writes at “Ask a Survivor”:

When people ask me why I think the clerical abuse scandal has gone on as long as it has and continues to unfold, I respond by saying that there are many reasons. However, I believe that pride is at the root of it.

Before we continue, some of you might be quick to assume that I am “pointing fingers” at priests and singling out clerical abuse. Speaking as a practicing Catholic who is also a survivor of clerical abuse, I believe that we should be able to expect more from our spiritual leaders. Also, most of us recognize that sexual abuse is a pervasive problem in our culture.

We all see the damage done by authority figures (including spiritual leaders) abusing their power. Clerical abuse needs to be addressed because we can never become complacent when anyone’s physical, emotional, and spiritual safety are at risk. If we are in earnest about “cleaning house,” we would do well to engage in the battle at hand. It’s all boots on the ground! …

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