The Satanic Temple Sues Texas for Regulations That ‘Interfere’ With Their Abortion ‘Destruction Ritual’, by Emily Mangiaracina

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March 10, 2021
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Lucien Greaves, co-founder of The Satanic Temple during a 2019 interview. Good Morning Britain / YouTube

According to The Satanic Temple, regulations such as waiting periods interfere with a ritual that ‘sanctifies the abortion process’

By Emily Mangiaracina, LifeSiteNews, March 9, 2021

Emily MangiaracinaMarch 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — The Satanic Temple has sued the State of Texas, complaining that its abortion regulations, such as its sonogram-viewing requirement, interfere with the Temple’s “religious” abortion ritual and therefore violate their “religious liberty.”

A Satanic Temple attorney for plaintiff “Ann Doe” argued that “It is a substantial interference per se for the state to place a regulatory hurdle – one that costs money – in front of a religious exercise. The state might as well tax and regulate Mass.”

The lawsuit echoes The Satanic Temple’s (TST) official belief that first trimester satanic ritual abortions are “exempt” from “unnecessary regulations” such as mandatory waiting periods and required reading materials. …

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