The Sell Outs, by Roger Helle

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June 9, 2021
The Flight from Hypocrisy, Dr. Donald DeMarco
June 9, 2021

By Roger Helle, Patriot Post, June 9, 2021

Foreign communists simply called these corrupt leftists “useful idiots.”

I’m not sure how many people remember the Clinton administration’s nefarious activities? Remember the Clintons raising money for his reelection campaign from those with ties to the Chinese military? The media didn’t want to give this matter much daylight; but as a military veteran, I was shocked!

Bill Clinton and his vice president, Al Gore, were taking money from anyone they could — Buddhist temples, churches, and the Chinese military. Gore worked the phones from the White House, a clear violation of election laws. When asked, he simply deflected the question with an infamously lame excuse: “There’s no controlling authority.” …

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