The Ultimate Warrior Against Abortion: Our Mother, by Prudence Robertson

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October 8, 2022
Rethinking Obedience in an Age of Resistance, by Kennedy Hall
October 8, 2022

Image: Virgin with Angels by William Adolphe Bougerau (public domain)

By Prudence Robertson, Catholic Exchange, Oct. 7. 2022

Prudence Robertson serves as Host of Pro-life Weekly. …

As the month of October begins and Autumn kicks into gear, it’s worth looking back on September to recognize that throughout last month, we saw some of the most heinous attacks against pro-life Americans to date. An 84-year old woman was shot in Michigan while having peaceful conversations to advocate for the preborn. A Catholic father-of-7 was arrested by the F.B.I. for the simple act of protecting his young son from an aggressive, threatening pro-abortion clinic escort. This, after law enforcement on the local and state level had not found him guilty of any crimes. And speaking of incidents that are completely senseless and seem all-too targeted at people of faith, President Biden recently lied at a campaign event, falsely saying that the Catholic Church teaches exceptions can be made in order to kill innocent unborn children. No wonder just 9% of Catholics believe that abortion should be banned. …

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