The Vatican Should Abandon Its Agreement With Beijing, by James Jay Carafano, Stefano Graziosi

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August 18, 2022
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August 18, 2022

Commentary By James Jay Carafano, and Stefano Graziosi, The Heritage Foundation, Aug 16, 2022

These are dark times for religious freedom in China—and when Pope Francis tells Reuters that he looks forward to renewing a controversial Sino–Vatican agreement, they get darker still.

At home, the Chinese Communist Party is openly pursuing the largest-scale genocide in the world. Abroad, it has tacitly sanctioned Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, which has seen Russia kidnap and forcibly relocate over a million men, women, and children and given rise to numerous other atrocities.

How can the global leader of the Catholic Church even contemplate doing business with such a murderous regime? …

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