The Vatican’s War Against Tradition, by Martina Moyski

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October 16, 2021
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October 18, 2021

By Martina Moyski, Church Militant, October 15, 2021

Pennsylvania Carmelites undaunted



October 15 is the feast of St. Teresa of Ávila, the discalced Carmelite who reformed her order in 16th-century Spain, saving it from the decadence of the day.

Church Militant’s Martina Moyski warns the Vatican is targeting followers of Teresa’s holy rule.

Pope Francis: “You may be tempted to remain complacent saying: ‘It has always been done like this.’ But this expression is a poison in the life of the Church.”

The Roman Curia — propelled by the pope’s instructions — is targeting traditional Carmelites who seek to live lives of prayer, poverty and penance. …

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