The Virtue of Gun Ownership and the Decline of Manliness, by Josh Hammer

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March 26, 2021
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March 26, 2021

When is the last time anyone, even a conservative, has made an affirmative argument in favor of gun ownership based on the inherent virtue of gun ownership?

By Josh Hammer, American Greatness, March 25, 2021

Josh Hammer is the opinion editor of Newsweek. A popular conservative commentator, he is of counsel at First Liberty Institute and a syndicated columnist through Creators. …

The latest horrific mass shooting in America, this time roughly 30 miles from my Denver home, happened on Monday. Ten died, and the suspect—a Trump-hating Syrian immigrant, hardly the MAGA hat-clad white man that the media so clearly desired—has been charged with ten counts of first-degree murder.

The Boulder, Colorado, shooting has, predictably, reopened America’s tiresome debate over gun policy. The suspect used an “AR-style” modern sporting rifle, thus assuring that Democrats and their media sycophants would rally anew for bans on that technically undefinable and cosmetically amorphous subclass of semiautomatic weapons colloquially referred to as “assault weapons.” …