The Wandering Bishop (Guest: Bishop Joseph Strickland)

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Eric Sammons, Bishop Strickland, Crisis Point, Crisis Magazine.

By Eric Sammons, Crisis Point, Crisis Magazine, June 7, 2024

The Wandering Bishop (Guest: Bishop Joseph Strickland)

Seven months ago Bishop Joseph Strickland was removed as the bishop of Tyler, Texas. What has he been doing since then, what does he think of the current state of the Church and her bishops, and what advice does he have for faithful priests and lay people today?


A native of East Texas, Bishop Joseph Strickland was the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. He was removed from office, without canonical proceedings, on November 11, 2023.



Eric Sammons:

Bishop Joseph Strickland was removed as a Bishop of Tyler Texas about seven months ago. What has he been doing since then and what does he see for the future of the church and how we can respond to it? That’s what we’re going to talk about today on Crisis Point. Hello, I’m Eric Sandberg, your host and our Chief of Crisis Magazine. Before I get started, I just want to encourage people to like this podcast, is to subscribe to the channel, let other people know about it. Also, please subscribe to our email newsletter. Just go to, put in your email address and you’ll get our articles sent to your inbox every day, two articles a day. We really do appreciate that. That’s how you can keep up with what’s going on in church and on Catholic commentary on that. Okay, so we have a great guest today. It’s Bishop Joseph Strickland. Thank you for coming your Excellency. I really appreciate it.


Bishop Joseph Strickland:

Thank you, Eric.

Eric Sammons:

So I think the first question I just have is what have you been up to lately? Back in November, I actually know exactly the date that you were removed because it was the date of my daughter’s wedding. ….

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