The Whipping Hoax, by Barbara Simpson

The Renaissance of the Classical School, by James Hankins
May 2, 2022
Pastors, You Cannot Be Silent, by Michael Brown
May 2, 2022

By Barbara Simpson, The Wanderer, May 1, 2022

Surprising no one, the problem of our porous Southern border continues to follow the Biden administration. The issue of how our border agents “treat” illegals got into the headlines again the past week, and the news was not good for Biden and his followers.

The incident at hand was the controversy that started in September 2021 over how border patrol agents allegedly treated Haitian immigrants at the border. At the time, there was an encampment of an estimated 15,000 migrants. There was a photograph of border patrol agents on horseback and the accusation against them was that they were whipping the migrants with the reins of the horses. …

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