There’s No ‘Parental Right’ to Chemically Castrate a Child, by Jane Clark Scharl

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November 11, 2019
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November 11, 2019

By Jane Clark Scharl, Crisis Magazine, November 11, 2019

Jane Clark ScharlThis month, the question of how to deal with the rapid spread of gender dysphoria among young children reached a breaking point. In Texas, a jury ruled that Jeffrey Younger could not do anything to prevent his seven-year-old son James from undergoing irreversible hormone-replacement procedures, which can cause infertility and significant health issues if used through puberty. The jury said that because the child’s mother Anne Georgulas (the parents are divorced) asserts that James is actually a girl, Mr. Younger could not prevent Ms. Georgulas from facilitating hormone replacement. Mr. Younger also faced being forced to address his son by a female name, required to attend transgender-affirming classes, and prohibited from taking his son anywhere dressed as a boy.

The medical and moral objections to subjecting pre-pubescent children to irreversible sex-change procedures have been treated thoroughly elsewhere. The vast majority of children who struggle with their biological sex eventually come to embrace it, to the tune of over 90 percent. But if sex-change hormones or other procedures like surgeries take place, children—at least 90 percent of whom would eventually come to love their biological sex—are rendered sexually stunted or even infertile. Medical professionals from pediatricians to psychologists, ranging from conservative Catholics to pro-gay rights progressives, have expressed serious concerns with the rapidly increasing practice of affirming gender dysphoria among young children. All of this is well documented by many experts.  ….