Thirsting for Souls, by Jerome German 

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May 15, 2023
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May 15, 2023

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By Jerome German, Crisis Magazine, May 15, 2023

Jerome German is a retired manufacturing engineer, husband, father of eleven, and grandfather of a multitude. His parochial activities have included music ministry, faith formation, and spiritual direction/talks for men’s retreats. He contributes articles to Crisis Magazine and Catholic Stand.

Jerome German
Unlike Dennis Prager’s “silo approach” to sin, the Christian view of sin includes a wholesome, integrated view of the human person.

In a recent article, Philip Primeau wrote about the controversy surrounding comments made by Jewish commentator Dennis Prager concerning sexual sin. Prager’s view of sin is not the Christian view; that is to say that it tends toward a silo approach rather than a wholesome, integrated view of the human person. In Prager’s mind, the physical act, and only the physical act, is a sin, and thinking is not an act. Primeau deftly demonstrates that such a view is simply not supported by the Hebrew Scriptures.

At the time I read Primeau’s article, I had been otherwise unfamiliar with the controversy. But I soon received an email from my son with a link to a debate between Prager and Matt Fradd on the subject. … 

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