Tier Ranking the Most Pro-Life US Bishops, by John Henry Westen

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January 25, 2021
Joe Biden Says He Wants to Overturn Every Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion, by Mary M. Olohan
January 25, 2021

Some Bishops have stood up for the unborn and called out Joe Biden’s pro-abortion policies.

By John Henry Westen, LifeSiteNews, Jan 22, 2021

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John-Henry WestenJanuary 22, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Impeachment hearings in the U.S. Senate against former President Donald Trump will go on, but a new impeachment against Joe Biden has just been filed by a congresswoman from Georgia.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s so-called “Catholicism” is coming into sharp focus as he presses on with anti-life and anti-family measures all the while receiving Holy Communion Plus — behind his desk in the Oval Office rests a photo of himself alongside Pope Francis.

Also, the leftist bishops elevated to the cardinalate recently by Pope Francis are furiously trying to stamp out public criticism of President Biden’s pro-abortion stance, but that has finally aroused something of a fighting spirit in more conservative bishops in America. …