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A family prepares to go indoors amid the COVID pandemic, putting masks on their two small children. (photo: Halfpoint / Shutterstock)

Popular psychologist and author Kevin Vost shares insights for Catholics navigating the pandemic.

By Peter Jesserer Smith, NCRegister, March 8, 2021

Peter Jesserer SmithThe stress of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a spiritual and mental health toll on Americans, and people worldwide, over the past year. While the end of the pandemic is now on the distant horizon, Catholics may need to exercise vigilance more than ever to maintain health of body, mind and soul.

In this Register interview, Catholic psychologist and prolific author Kevin Vost discusses the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Catholics, some of the challenges and opportunities the health crisis presents, and what Catholics can do in a variety of situations to make it through the rest of the pandemic mentally sound and spiritually awake.  …