To Jesus Through Mary at Christmas: The Wedding, by John Grondelski

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Rosso Fiorentino, “Marriage of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph,” 1523 (photo: Public Domain)

ADVENT RETREAT: Joseph’s final fiat, no less than Mary’s, is an act of faith. His determination to take care of his wife and child remains one valuable for today.

By John Grondelski, EWTN News, December 12, 2022

John GrondelskiBoth Advent and Mary’s pregnancy are well-advanced. Advent is half over and, after returning from Elizabeth’s, Mary is in her second trimester. Jesus is about 15 weeks old, with a beating heart, brainwaves, toes and fingers. He’s about six inches in length and probably sucking his thumb. Fortunately, he’s in the Holy Land rather than America, because Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposal to protect that 15-week-old child is considered here an “extremist” and “radical” idea that many recently used as a wedge argument to promote abortion. So, is the Jesus who came back from Ein Karem, who apparently managed to elicit John’s leaps, still not human? …