Tom Cotton Mocks Social Justice Warriors at New York Times in CPAC Speech, by Kristina Wong

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February 27, 2021
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February 27, 2021

By Kristina Wong, Breitbart, Feb 2021205

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Friday mocked “social justice warriors” at the New York Times and their “meltdown” this summer over his op-ed in the paper calling for troops to restore order during the rioting at the time.

Speaking on the first day of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, Cotton recalled how hundreds of Times staffers were so upset their paper had published his op-ed that they forced an editor to step down. He said:

So I wrote an op-ed in the New York Times. It had a very simple message, a very common-sense message, grounded in American history and law supported by a majority of Americans, arguing: if the police cannot or especially if they are not allowed to restore order, then it is time to send in the troops.  …

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