Transgender Reading Day a Good Day for Students to Miss, by Bob Kellogg

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February 27, 2020
Daily Reading & Meditation: Thursday (February 27)
February 27, 2020

By Bob Kellogg, OneNewsNow, February 26, 2020

Parents are urged to keep kids home on Thursday if their children’s school is participating in the annual reading of “I am Jazz.”

On February 27, the Human Rights Campaign is holding its annual readings of I Am Jazz in schools across the country. It’s the story of Jazz Jennings – a boy who transitioned to a girl at a very young age.

Mission America Founder Linda Harvey contends the controversial book is nothing more than LGBTQ propaganda.

“It’s another effort by the Human Rights Campaign and the National Education Association – the mighty teachers’ union – to push the LGBTQ agenda down the throats of little kids.”

Harvey says what the book doesn’t tell readers is that Jennings must undergo yet another surgery after two so-called “bottom” surgery complications.

Jennings also admits that he is suffering from mental problems. …

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