Transgenderism is a Gateway to Pedophilia, by Benjamin Wiker

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August 29, 2019
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August 29, 2019

The question then is not whether there will be a push for pedophilia, but when and how it will occur.

By Benjamin Wiker, EWTN News, 8/27/19

As I’ve written previously, pedophilia was widely accepted in ancient pagan Greece and Rome. The only reason that it’s still illegal today is that Christians evangelized the decadent Roman Empire and made it clear to converts that sex with children belonged to the “way of death,” not the “way of life.” These are the words of the Didache, the first-century catechetical manual for converts to Christianity from paganism, which commands, “you shall not corrupt boys.”

Pedophilia wasn’t the only pagan practice Christianity rejected. The Romans also accepted contraception, abortion, infanticide, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, sex before and outside of marriage, sexual concubines, sex with one’s own slaves (any gender, any age, including children), pornography and bestiality.

That list should give readers a cold shudder. As our own culture has become increasingly de-Christianized, almost every one of these practices has reappeared and been reaffirmed, both socially and legally. Since de-Christianization seems to be continuing, we have every reason to believe that the rest will soon receive social and legal sanction (unless, of course, Christians can re-evangelize what has been de-evangelized).

For our purposes in the article, the question then is not whether there will be a push for pedophilia, but when and how it will occur. ….