True Love: Elderly Man Tenderly Combs His Wife’s Hair After She Was Admitted to the Hospital (Video)

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April 13, 2018
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April 13, 2018

By Nancy Flory, an Associate Editor, The Stream, April 12, 2018

Nancy FloryIn a culture of throwaway marriages, one couple has stayed together “in sickness and in health,” and learned a thing or two about love and devotion.

Nellie and Sam Jones have been married for over 70 years. When Nellie was admitted to the hospital for a kidney infection, Sam stayed by her side as much as possible. Recently, their son Jamie filmed his parents as Sam combed Nellie’s hair.

As he brushed her locks, Sam told his wife, “You used to comb my hair, but I’ve never combed yours before Nellie. This is the first time for this, you know?”

“Right,” Nellie replied.

Jamie said, “He’s told me before when they first met and started dating, that she used to comb his hair for him.” Now Sam is returning the favor. And he wanted to make sure he got it right. “Is it looking better Jamie?” he asked his son. “Looking better with it? Am I fixing her hair better?”

Jamie wanted to record the special event to make a memory of their love for one another.



Nancy Flory is an Associate Editor at The Stream. She is currently working toward her PhD in Strategic Communication and Journalism at Regent University. She’s the mother of four boys.