Trump Admin Slams Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision: It “Devalued the Lives of Unborn Children”, by Steven Ertelt

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June 30, 2020
The Pro-Antifa, Anti-Catholic International Criminal Court (ICC), by Mary Jo Anderson
June 30, 2020

By Steven Ertelt, Life News, June 29, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC –  The Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana pro-life law today that saves babies from abortion and protects women’s health thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four abortion advocates on the nation’s highest court.

The 2014 Louisiana law at the center of the case requires abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges to treat patients with emergency complications. If allowed to take effect, it could close shoddy abortion facilities that are not prepared to help patients suffering from emergency complications. But the high court said it was an “undue burden” for women.

On behalf of President Donald Trump, the White House issued a statement slamming the ruling and saying it “devalued the lives of unborn children.” …

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